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Free Online Slots

Slot machines usually require real money in order to play. There isn’t a single casino that will allow you to sit down in their establishment and play their games for free. If you asked, they'd likely escort you off their property. This is one of the key differences between playing slots in a casino and playing slots online. The online casinos have software that supports free games. In fact, they also support progressive jackpots that award play money. If you would prefer to play free slots, check out our free slots list below. All of the games use play money and are available in a flash format. This means you won't need to download the casino to play the free games and won't need to leave our site either.

About Slot Machines and Online Slots

Slot machines are an American icon in any casino and although the games tend to be more popular on US soil than other countries, you will still find plenty of slot machine games across the globe. Slot machines are often referred to as pokies in Australia, fruit machines in the UK and one-armed bandits or slots in Canada and the United States.

Initially developed during the early nineteenth century, slot machines didn’t award prizes like they do today. Instead, players would win gum sticks or free drinks rather than really money. These days, its hard to find a slot machine that doesn't award money to players which also means you can't play slots for free (unless online). The slot machines in today's casinos account for more than 75% of the casinos net revenue. This is huge when you consider Nevada alone generated $6,657,378 during the 2010 fiscal year from the 168,078 slot machines state-wide. So why are slot machines so popular? Well, for starters they give players the once in a lifetime opportunity of changing their lives through progressive jackpots. You won't find any other game offering millions of dollars up for grabs, aside from the state lotteries. Slots and online slots can provide players with endless hours of entertainment through bonus rounds, animation and in some cases user interaction. Additionally, slot machine software companies like Bally's and IGT continue to reinvent the game through technology. With new innovations, it's pretty much a guarantee that these games will continue to grow in popularity.

Slot Machine Odds

Although slots and online slots are insanely popular, the odds of hitting the big payday are just as crazy. You could even call it deceptive if you like. Slot machines are the casinos biggest money-maker and the odds are heavily stacked against the player. In fact, your slot odd of winning the Mega Bucks progressive jackpot in the US is 1 in 49,836,032. That's astounding! You would be more likely to become president of the United States or to be hit in the head with falling plane parts than you would to win the jackpot. That said, this still won't deter players from aiming high. Especially when they hear of players like Amy Nishimura winning $8.9 million dollars on a slot machine in Vegas. Of course players can always try to calculate the odds of winning a slot machine; however you would need to know the extract specs for the particular game. Assuming a three reel slot has 25 stops, the math would look something like this (1/25 X 1/25 X 1/25) so roughly 1:15625 of hitting any combination whether it is the jackpot or a single win. It's unlikely you will be able to find the exact specs of a slot machine or online slot, as that kind of information is not made available to the general public. Players take warning - there are people online who will try to sell you a magical formula to learn how to win at slots. These sites are scams. If anyone wants money in return for the best kept slots secret - our best advice is to run as fast as you can!