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Live Blackjack

Many online casinos provide players with live blackjack tables. But what does blackjack work and how can you play? Blackjack is the most interesting game of live casinos. Since it is a real version and not a virtual one, the tables do not have a fixed payout: the chances of winning are the same as in a gaming room in the area.

You can bet by following the action from a camera placed on the game table, interacting with it through a virtual interface and observing what the dealer and the other players "sitting" do at the same table.

The video showing the players room is live and this is confirmed by the fact that the dealers interact with the players using their nicknames. Also the change of decks is transmitted live, without interruptions.

How Live Blackjack Works in Online Casinos

On the one hand the player, on the other a real mess. How does the magic that allows remote betting take place?

The gaming software provided by the casino allows the player to view a streaming broadcast showing the blackjack table chosen to play.

Through a graphical interface superimposed on the video, users can decide how to play the game as if they were sitting at the table, pressing buttons instead of talking directly to the dealer. It is possible to place the chips for the bet, decide what action to take, see what the other players are doing and read the full account of the game.

The cards used are different from the classic ones: they are larger, so that the players can clearly distinguish them and have an imprinted bar code. When the dealer draws the cards from the deck holder to distribute them, they pass face down on a bar code reader. In this way the system is able in a few moments to automatically calculate the scores of the hands and load the correct amount of money on the winners' balance.

It should be noted that the privacy of the players is respected: the video stream is one-way (the casino staff cannot see the players) and the nicknames used are chosen by the users when they connect to the rooms.

The Live Blackjack Tables Available

With the increase in appreciation of this particular game mode, the number of live blackjack variants to choose from has become more and more numerous. The tables available usually differ by:

Minimum and maximum betting limits, for example from € 1 to € 100 or from € 5 to € 500.
Language and gender of the dealer: it is possible to choose a male or female croupier.
Variant of the rules and number of decks used.

How to Play Live Blackjack Online

To play live blackjack you need a PC or a Smartphone with a good connection to the network. To access the live version of a casino, proceed as follows:
Choose an operator that offers a gaming service or promotions based on preferences.
Register and make cash payment into the gaming account.
Open the "Live" section of the casino and select one of the tables available.